What are different types of rubber gloves? Which one to use?

No matter what your everyday tasks are, you might need to use rubber gloves in many situations. If you’re a housewife, you need them for your everyday house chores. Many people need rubber gloves because they suffer from different allergies to chemical substances. There are many reasons why a person like me or you must use rubber gloves, but the question is, how to choose the best one.

Why do you have to wear rubber gloves?

As a person who might be facing daily risks of getting infected by many bacteria or chemical substances, we need to wear gloves that prevent the possible risks. There are hidden scars and scratches on your hands which you can’t see them, however, those tiny living bacteria can use them to penetrate into your body and make use of you as a healthy host. In this way, wearing rubber gloves can make it impossible for these bacteria.

Rubber gloves: Latex Gloves:

Latex gloves are the first choice. This type of rubber gloves are made from natural rubber which helps you get the most use of it. They have the highest flexibility for daily and professional use. They can reduce the risk of getting infected by bacteria to almost 0%. Many people use latex gloves to make sure they are not at the risk of getting skin diseases.

What’s more, since they are highly flexible, they don’t limit your hands from doing your daily work. You can wear them in any situation. If you are a person who is used to commuting by public transport then you definitely need to make sure your skin is not exposed to bacteria.

Latex gloves are categorized as one type rubber gloves which offer you a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Rubber gloves: Nitrile Gloves:

Another type of rubber gloves are Nitrile Gloves. These gloves work best for those who cook every day. As a housewife or a chef, you are definitely exposed to many chemical substances. You also make food so you need to make sure your food is not exposed to bacteria which live on your hands. To prevent this, you need to protect your hands. What’s a better choice than wearing a pair of gloves to do the work for you?

By wearing nitrile gloves not only you protect yourself, but also you protect those who want to eat your meal.

Rubber gloves: Vinyl Gloves:

Are you looking for gloves that not only prevent contamination but also fits your hands perfectly? So we offer vinyl gloves. These gloves are so comfortable that you feel like you’re not wearing anything. Vinyl gloves are excellent choice for those who cook, have pets, and also are allergic to chemical substances.

Which type of rubber gloves to use?

It is important to get familiar with different types of rubber gloves. Now that we know every category of rubber gloves, we need to get familiar with different usages in different fields.

rubber gloves use in medicine

Rubber gloves in medicine:

Now we can say rubber gloves are mostly used in this field. Doctor, nurses, and all hospital staff need to use rubber gloves in order to prevent possible contamination. There a vast number of options for medicine professionals among rubber gloves, however, they must be careful about choosing the best option. Mostly doctors prefer to use latex gloves if they want to perform surgery, however, for other purposes, they can use Nitrile Gloves.

Rubber gloves in cooking:

Cooks and chefs prefer using latex and vinyl gloves. A chef should be comfortable working with their hands because they need to do a lot of cooking works like chopping, slicing, combining and blending different food to make their dishes. These gloves will help them a lot with the work they need to do.

different types of gloves chosen for tattooing

Rubber gloves in tattooing:

Mostly latex gloves are popular among tattoo artists. They prefer wearing specially black latex gloves to do the tattoo job. In the US, some tattoo artists also would rather use nitrile gloves instead of latex ones.


All in all, rubber gloves are used in many jobs and fields. Depending on what you want to do, there is a specific option for each purpose. What do you think? What are other usages of rubber gloves? We would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave us a reply in the comment sections and if you have any questions, you can seek help from our experts.

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