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Do you need gloves for tattoo and beauty work? Here you can find the best products.

What Are Gloves for Tattoo and Beauty Industries?

Tattoo  Artist Glove: One of the main ways the tattooists protect the client, and themselves, from any bacteria transmission, are the gloves. These ensure the tattooist can touch the client’s skin and use the equipment without the fear of transmitting dirt, bacteria, viruses, and unwanted particles. Otherwise, an infection or inflammation of the tattoo would occur in an instant.


Meditex G6 Black Nitrile Glove

G6 black nitrile exam gloves are the best if you’re looking for a durable package of gloves that will assist you at any time you want, and provide tactile sensitivity while you work on bringing challenging tattoos to life. Not only are they perfectly versatile and stretchy, but they are also medical-grade, so they are perfectly safe if you want to maintain high hygiene and work with the tattoo gun and needles. Besides the tattoo studios, these can be used for various medical procedures, laboratory work, and even automotive tasks.

They are made out of nitrile, a synthetic version of latex that is much more resistant to allergies and provides the protection caused by latex and rubber in general. Needless to say, they are extremely strong, and although they are small, they could easily be a great fit for even longer fingers and larger palms.

Lastly, they are quite lightweight, so you won’t even feel while you’re wearing them. Nevertheless, you can expect to feel free while working on tattoos, without feeling extra skin or rash because the gloves are too tight next to your hands.

Paramount Black Nitrile:

Paramount Multipurpose Black Nitrile Gloves provide more durability for extended sessions where your hands may occasionally sweat. It uses a thick nitrile layer with a textured grip. It’s suitable for larger hands rather than small ones. However, the elasticity is great and reliable.

It’s worth noting that there are no latex compounds in this type of gloves. Besides the large gloves, you can also look for the smaller options on the site, if you’re interested in owning this type of gloves. They are 4 mils thick, which is great if you’re worried about them ripping in the middle of the work.

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