Buy Gloves for Automotive and Mechanic Industries

Here you can find the best choice of gloves for mechanic and automotive industries. 

What Are Gloves for Automotive and Mechanic Industries?

If you are a mechanic or you work in the automotive industry, your hands get messy all the time. So, here is the solution. Our disposable automotive and mechanic gloves are made to keep your hands not only clean, but also safe. It is important to keep your hands safe because you’re going to need them. Mechanics are usually worried about their hands because we can say most of their work is involved using their hands. 

What is our best recommendation to you? 

Gloves vary for automotive and mechanic works, however, we’re here to introduce the best choices available and the reason why we recommend it to you:

Pandora 10 mil Black Nitrile Glove:

This one is a good choice for any mechanic out there looking for a good pair of gloves that can handle heavy mechanical works. Pandora 10 mil Black Nitrile Glove is specially good for those who want to do their heavy-duties while wearing a glove made of the best material which is resistant to oils, heavy work and tear.
Disposable nitrile gloves are usually strong enough to handle tons of work since they are thick and resistant to chemicals. Their 10-mil thickness makes it possible to do the heavy-duty works including automotive and mechanical work.
Its black color is also another reason for you choose them. Since working in mechanic garages is going to be messy, the black color of these disposable automotive and mechanic gloves hides the stains, dirt, grease, and oil as you use them. 

Glades 8 mil Orange Nitrile Glove

This is also another good choice for those who are looking for a good solution to avoiding any harm to their hands. These gloves are made of high-quality, industrial-grade nitrile, which is strong enough to handle all your mechanic projects. 

The diamond texture of these disposable automotive and mechanic gloves  can handle the heavy work which needs non-slippery hands. That’s right! These gloves won’t let your hands be slippery so you can work and handle heavy mechanical duties without concerning slipping a tool on the ground! The diamond texture in this type of gloves will give you a good control of your grip as well as control over your hands and fingers. 

Another advantage of these gloves is the 8-mil thickness. It means you can handle heavy mechanical work using these gloves without worrying about their getting torn apart or any rip.

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