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What Are Gloves for Dental Industries?

Dental gloves are a must in any dental facility to avoid all sorts of contamination. It reduces the risk of transmission of harmful bacteria from one patient to another. These disposable gloves play a vital role while disinfecting and cleaning dental instruments, surfaces, and other equipment. Due to the fine and detailed work involved in dental practices, choosing glove types that ensure supreme dexterity is essential. In addition, For adequate safety and protection for the patients and clinicians, dentists must follow the practice of proper hand hygiene and guidelines issued by agencies such as CGC, FDA and the government. 

Nitrile gloves are the latest PPE option in the market for dentists. Also known as acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, Buna-N, NBR, or Perbunan, these gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications.These superlative all-purpose dental gloves provide better puncture protection and a high level of security. With nitrile being able to withstand most of the chemicals and solvents used for dental works, it is becoming a favorite choice among dentists.

Meditex G5

The innovative personal protective gloves, the Meditex G5 are the best blend of durability and tactility.  They are nitrile exam gloves that are 100% latex-free. This ultra-thin formulation 3.0 mil) provides seamless fit to your hands whilst maintaining an excellent tactile sensation.  They are ergonomic-friendly thus, preventing hand fatigue. These come in indigo blue color and allow smooth use for prolonged periods without tearing. The color contrast also increases visibility in case there is a tear or puncture.

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