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Paramount Multipurpose 5 Mil. Latex Blue Gloves – Pet Cleaning

PARAMOUNT Blue Latex Gloves are ideal to keep yourself safe and sanitary, these premium disposable gloves have beaded cuffs and are ambidextrous. Made from high-quality material, which enhanced strength. Superior sensitivity, dexterity, and flexibility.

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Pet cleaning needs to be done if you own a pet. Our pet cleaning disposable gloves give you comfort and safety to clean and wash your pet. No matter what kind of pet you own, our pet cleaning disposable gloves will guarantee your hands’ health.

Why do you need pet cleaning disposable gloves?

Your pet loves playing in the dirt where it is exposed to many hidden and microscopic parasites. While you’re cleaning your pet, your hands get exposed to the parasites living on your pet’s body as well. For this purpose, to keep your hands safe and healthy, you should wear pet cleaning disposable gloves.

Our pet cleaning gloves will guarantee your hands’ health:

Our products are all made to help you keep your hands safe and healthy. We make our gloves from the best material. In addition to our superb quality, we also offer the best price and that’s because we are the manufacturers.

Also, our disposable gloves all come in different sizes and colors. We do our best to provide you with what your needs are.

Why pets need to be cleaned and washed?

Our pets do not like to be dirty specially when they come from outside. They look at you saying to clean them. They also need to be cleaned gently. Your nails hurt them while cleaning, so, it is better to wear disposable gloves. Our gloves are soft enough and as a result, they won’t hurt your pet’s skin. Never forget to wear disposable gloves for this purpose.

Are our pet cleaning disposable gloves strong enough to resist chemicals?

Yes! Our disposable gloves are made to resist chemicals, sharp objects and keep your hands safe against possible hazards. Our disposable gloves also ensure your hands stay non-allergic.

Is there any return guarantee?

Yes! Hemera Holding offers a 15-day return policy by which you can return the product if you find it useless or in contrast to what we have claimed.


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3 reviews for Paramount Multipurpose 5 Mil. Latex Blue Gloves – Pet Cleaning

  1. Karen M.

    These are great. They stretch easily, so they’re easy to put on & roll off. Mine are small & fit very well. I’ve used many from the box of 100 with no tears. i would definitely buy again & recommend

  2. Donald

    I purchased these for when i need something a little more durable like for working on my vehicles. These Latex gloves are perfect and you get a lot for the money. I could have purchased some mechanics gloves, but i prefer being able to throw them out and use these paramount blue latex gloves

    • Fariborz Kazemin

      Our prices are competitive and that’s because we are the manufacturers. We’re are really happy to hear from satisfied costumers. Thank you for shopping with Hemera Holding.

  3. Nicki

    Purchased these for my Dog Grooming business. I love them they are very durable and lasting. The price was in budget. Will keep ordering

    • Fariborz Kazemin

      Thank you for your valuable review

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