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Do you need gloves for Clinics and Laboratories? Here you can find the best products.

What Are Disposable Gloves for Clinics and Laboratories?

Clinics and laboratories’ workers have to wear disposable gloves to prevent contaminations and infections  caused by bodily-fluids and blood of their patients. These gloves are specifically made to protect your hands against any harm that might be caused in your working environment. 

Among all the features that our gloves provide you, there are a few important key factors that make our disposable gloves for clinics and laboratories stand out compared to other disposable gloves. 

Our clinical gloves are all exam grade ones:

According to the standards of clinical gloves, we have manufactured our exam grade gloves at the best quality and price. The material used in our gloves is nitrile which is a perfect choice for those who want to do clinical work. 

Also, we offer competitive price with our products. You can either choose your product as a single box or a case box which contains more pieces at the best price. 

Disposable gloves for clinics and laboratories are an essential part of your job!

Every medical worker need to wear disposable gloves which are specially made to protect their hands against bacteria, viruses, germs and other bodily-fluids which can infect you with several diseases. So, we know wearing disposable clinical gloves is a must for you to do. 

Why you should shop with Hemera Holding?

We have particularly concentrated on manufacturing the best disposable gloves for clinics and laboratories. We have employed the latest techniques and methods in producing gloves which can reduce the risk of infection and contamination to a considerable low percentage. Now we are honored to announce that our gloves definitely stand out among the other companies’. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are Hemera Business Hours?

Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm

What are Hemera Products?

Medical & Non-Medical Disposable Gloves.

What are the shipping Methods?

Standard Shipping by USPS, Ground Shipping By UPS.

Does Hemera offer expedited shipment?

Yes, the cost would be paid by the customer.

Does Hemera Export?

Yes. Hemera can export to all Central American countries.

Does Hemera have any other office?

Yes. In Malaysia

Is Hemera a Manufacturer?


Does Hemera export Globally?

Yes. Our office in Malaysia can export anywhere globally.

Does Hemera own any brand?

Yes, 5 brands.

What does Hemera Means?

The name Hemera is a girl’s name meaning "day".