Buy Gloves for Food and Restaurant Industries

Do you need gloves for food and restaurant work? Here you can find the best products.

What Are Gloves for Food and Restaurant Industries?

Food preparation is a part of our daily life. Therefore, by using gloves and protecting our hands to avoid any kind of contamination is a must. Since we eat the food we prepare, it is important to keep our hands clean, healthy and safe. Our disposable gloves for food and restaurant work are made to prevent any contamination. 

Food processing  has got a wide range of tasks. Depending on what you want to do, you may need to use different types of disposable gloves for certain tasks, depending on the risk.

What is our recommendation? 

Paramount Vinyl Clear Glove

A staple in the food-processing industry, latex-free, powder-free Paramount vinyl disposable gloves are affordable and suitable for a variety of applications. Vinyl gloves have two advantages compared with other disposable gloves: They conform more closely to the hand and provide better dexterity and they are cheaper than Latex and Nitrile Gloves. If an employee needs to handle a small amount of garnish, for example, they can have an easier time grasping the correct amount with vinyl gloves.

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