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Do you need gloves for medical related work? Here you can find the best products.

What Are Gloves for Medical Industries?

Medical professionals at all levels of education and experience use disposable gloves to keep themselves and their patients safe. Having the right kind of gloves for patient care is important for hospitals, clinics, labs, physician offices, and mobile health units across the country. They are used every day by doctors, nurses, surgeons, lab techs, dentists, pharmacists, emergency responders and others who work in the field of healthcare.

Meditex G4 Chemo Nitrile Glove:

G4 Chemo Blue Nitrile Gloves are approved for medical use and are highly popular within the nursing, dentistry and care home industries. They are designed using a robust form of nitrile which gives them excellent strength, and are fully certified for use in medical environments. They are designed to prevent contamination which when combined with their high tensile strength and AQL of 1.5, means that they ensure safe and secure use during medical procedures.

Meditex G9 White Latex Glove:

Medical Professionals who require greater sensitivity for administering medical care or instrument manipulation find fully textured Emerald powder-free latex exam gloves a perfect fit. Powder-free to help reduce the risk of skin irritation, these gloves feature tapered fingertips for greater comfort and advanced processing for easier donning. Emerald Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves have beaded, tear-resistant cuffs for added performance.

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