Use of disposable latex gloves

use latex gloves

Latex gloves are very popular and are widely used in various industries, which we will discuss below, but one of the main reasons why people use this type of gloves is its flexibility and high resistance.

According to the news group of Brena news agency, latex gloves are very popular and are widely used in various industries, which we will discuss further.

What are latex gloves?

Latex gloves are among the practical accessories in daily life. Today, hygiene is of great importance and paying attention to personal hygiene also has a special place.

When we are in crowded places like public transportation means, or when we are in public places, disposable gloves can protect our hands against getting infected by various types of micobs.

These gloves are also used in various cases and conditions, like many sanitary and disposable items. Decades ago, in 1964, this type of glove was launched on the market for the first time, and it was offered in both powdered and powdered free types.

Latex is a natural substance obtained from the caoutcho tree, which is milky in color, as mentioned, this type is in the category of natural latex gloves. The synthetic type of latex gloves is also produced, which is produced from the polymerization of a monomer such as styrene.

Features of latex gloves:

These gloves are very popular and are widely used in various industries, which we will discuss below, but one of the main reasons why people use this type of gloves is its flexibility and high resistance.

Due to its structure, this type of glove keeps people’s sense of touch at a usable level, which makes it easy to perform our activities when using it. If a person is in a dangerous environment such as an infectious and viral environment, using these gloves can prevent diseases to a great extent.

Now that the world is affected by the corona virus, using these gloves while working and commuting can largely prevent contracting the virus through surfaces. The price of latex gloves is very reasonable considering its performance and quality, that’s why you can easily use these gloves.

As it was said, latex gloves have high resistance and are flexible, in addition, there are also very strong latex gloves that are very useful in special situations.

Due to their structure, latex gloves are easily decomposed in the environment, which is one of the significant advantages and characteristics of this type of gloves. Today, the importance of the environment is very significant, and this characteristic of latex gloves has made them more popular.

Use of latex gloves

Latex gloves are used in various environments, but it can be said that the most common use of these gloves is in the medical and dental industry. The characteristics of latex gloves have made it widely used in medicine. In the hospital and especially in the infectious departments of hospitals, this glove is highly effective. In addition to hospitals, it is also common to use latex gloves in laboratories. These gloves are also used in restaurants, shops and medical clinics. In general, latex gloves can be used in any situation where people need to observe hygiene.

Use latex gloves for surgery:

Since latex gloves are considered as a second-layer skin, they are perfect for performing surgeries in operation rooms. These gloves give doctors perfect control. Although latex gloves may cause allergy, they are perfect for hard situations like surgeries.

Disposable gloves:

Disposable gloves are used in various cases. There are different types of disposable gloves. Latex gloves are also considered among disposable gloves, in addition to latex, disposable gloves like nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves can be considered among disposable gloves.

Nitrile and vinyl gloves are made of synthetic materials. Nitrile gloves are made of good material and are very durable and also have high elasticity. This type of gloves protects people from viruses and chemicals. Vinyl gloves are also made from chemicals and are very affordable in terms of price.

When buying disposable gloves, you should pay attention to various things. The first thing to consider is what we need gloves for, because there are different options in different situations.

If they are used for hospitals, laboratories and high-risk environments, latex gloves are the best option, otherwise, other gloves can be used.

Nylon and freezer gloves are also disposable gloves, and these gloves are useful in different cases. Many people use these gloves at home which we do not recommend it.


The increase in the population in the metropolis and the high traffic has caused many environments to become infected with germs and viruses, that’s why the use of gloves can protect people from many diseases to a large extent.

As mentioned earlier, the spread of the corona virus has caused people to use different equipment such as masks and gloves, each of which has a significant role in preventing the spread of this virus.

How to discard these gloves?

By using disposable latex gloves, if we touch the surfaces, we will not have to worry about the fact that our hands will come into direct contact with the contaminated surfaces, and we can move around more easily and when we come home these gloves should be thrown in a separate nylon bag and placed in the trash so that the virus does not spread.

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